1 on 2 with 3 at 4 on 5 on 6 in 7 with 8 for 9 with 10 at

B 1, made 2, Organizations 3, which 4, actively 5, that

回答和翻译如下: 1.who 2.for 3.promising ( as介词后面跟动名词。+ing 的形式。) 4.brang 5.lately 6.days 7.their 8.repaired 9.that 10.tempted 杰克叔叔,住在一个小村庄里,并且,是一个普通的,当地的俱乐部。它是那些俱乐部当中的其中一...

您好,很高兴为您解答! 1. I need a room with windows f_____ the sea. 【facing】 2. We have little money, so we should make fund r_____.【raising】 3. A s_____ room with double beds costs¥160. 【standard】 4. Maria looked t____...

7.恐惧,害怕;名词 8.甩,摇;动词

先采纳 半小时后给你答案

第一篇:mine,whether,lived,a,surrounded,cooked,intelligent, and,badly,Fortunately 第二篇:useful,which,Actually,including,and,invented, better,activities,such,to make 尽量做了,有些我也不太确定

was sentenced to as a matter of fact turn to come to power In my opinion in trouble blew up set up loses heart out of work

activities, succeeded, develop, encourage, leads. Not sure about Num.6. Hope it will help you

mountainous porridge amusing directly mess outstanding vast moustache budget Switzerland

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