摔角明星马克亨利出场曲是 《Some Bodies Gonna Get It》。 歌名:Some Bodies Gonna Get It 歌手:Three 6 Mafia 专辑:WWE Wreckless Intent 歌词: [Intro] Yeah, Three 6 Ma-fi-AH! ( whoa hey! whoa hey! ) Say whaaaat? ( whoa hey! whoa ...

Mark Henry(马克亨利)的出场音乐叫Somebody's Gonna Get It~ http://www.wwesm.com/music/10780/ 求采纳

这里有下载 http://www.shuaijiao.com/music/view/5608.html

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[Intro] Yeah, Three 6 Ma-fi-AH! Say whaaaat? Three 6 Ma-fi-AH! It's goin down Y'all know what time it is We ain't playin wit'cha In the club, in the street... Y'all know what time it is? Get ready for it! Ohhh Step up ready Yes...

Big Show出场音乐:Crank It Up 所属人物:大秀哥 使 用 时 期:2006年6月7日至2006年12月6日;2008年2月17日至今 音 乐 风 格:摇滚 歌手:Brand New Sin 下载试听地址: http://www.shuaijiao.com/music/view/701.html


2. Never gonna dance again Circles on the floor, I'm getting down, low But things ain't right, you're gone, I'm losing ground, no Do you remember when your heart was mine? It's all I ever think when it comes to you and I No I c...

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