DearMike, my name is kangkang.My school stars at 7o'clock,it finishes at half past 3. I do homework everyday. I'm a good students.I learn very hard in school. love,KangKang 希望我能帮到你。采纳吧。

First, I like surfing the Internet,because I can learn a lot from it,and make foreign friends.Second,I also like go swimming,swimming is very interesting,you can be healthier and stronger by swimming,I have swimmed for about 10...

Dear Mike I heard that you have some problem in coping with your surrounding after your changed school. I would suggest you make the first move to make new friends. Be proactive in joining group activities organised by the scho...

可以有的。 如果想提高自己的外语水平,完全可以加他,然后两人互相帮助,互相促进。 这是一个很好的机会,要把握祝

Dear Mike, I had a wonderful trip last month and I want to tell you my happiness. I went there with my parents by train which is very comfortable. Also, the scenery is very beautiful. Hangzhou is well known as the West Lake. We...



不用太在意名字 你可以找同学交流交流 不但可以增进感情还能顺便借鉴

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